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  • Serve the Homeless near La Palma Park with (AOK)

Serve the Homeless near La Palma Park with (AOK)

Date & Time:

Saturday, May 4, 2019
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM


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Mercy Friday:  Acts of Kindness reaches out to the needy, offering A GIFT of HOPE, feeding 150 hungry people every Friday at La Palma Park.  We want them to know God does not give up on any one.  Romans 2:4 "...knowing that God's loving kindness leads to repentance."

Acts of Kindness (AOK) serves dinner every Friday night to approximately 150 homeless men and women who come to the Salvation Army lot near La Palma Park. This act of kindness is brought by folks who believe that every person has dignity and deserves to be treated with respect. After you have served dinner, please feel free to grab a plate of food and sit down and have a conversation with your neighbor who is struggling at this time in their life. 

This is family friendly and you are in a safe area, picnic tables are provided and the area is fensed in next to Salvation Army. This feeding is in cooperation with the city of Anaheim. 


Friday evening Feeding Location: 1122 N La Palma Pkwy, Anaheim.

Saturday Event and Schedule, hope you can come for the fun


8:00 AM ☕️ Morning Gathering (Check-In, T-Shirts, Food Drive, Free Breakfast and Coffee)

8:45 AM 🎉 Opening Rally (Music and Vendors)

9:30 AM ❤︎ Service Projects

12:30 PM 🍔 After Party (Celebration, Free Lunch and Closing)


The Morning Gathering begins at 8 AM with FREE food and beverages in Downtown Fullerton’s “Downtown Plaza” (129 E Wilshire Ave) where the Farmer’s Market is typically held on Thursdays!

⚠️ PRINT, SIGN, and TURN IN your liability form at the morning Gathering to receive your free T-Shirt!

⚠️ You will receive additional instructions from your project leader prior to beginning your service. 

The After Party begins at 12:30PM (including Free lunch for everyone) at the Fullerton College Quad at 12:30PM. 

🚙 Parking will be located in the Fullerton College parking structure off Lemon Street.


Thank you for your willingness to give back to your community! If you have any questions, please email this project's Project Leader or contact@lovefullerton.org!

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