Love Fullerton Endorsements


 "On behalf of President Obama and the Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, greetings to all who are participating in Love Fullerton and all the Love Our Cities events in over 40 cities throughout the State of California. Volunteerism is a hallmark of American society. Since the days of our nation’s founding, ordinary citizens have achieved extraordinary things through voluntary efforts. Programs like "Love Our Cities" touch thousands of lives and inspire Americans to serve and give back to their communities. Thank you for your dedication to the cities you reach."
Melissa Rogers — Executive Director, White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships


"Fullerton is my home. It is the place where I grew up, received an education, raised my children and taught for 27 years.  Love Fullerton is the perfect event for us to come together and give back to the community that has already given so much to us.  I am happy to join you and over 50 other California cities in Love Our Cities for Fullerton’s first annual citywide service day.  This event is a true testament of the commitment that our vibrant volunteer community has for the city of Fullerton."
Sharon Quirk-Silva, 65th Assembly District, and Fullertonian 

"Love Fullerton brings together members of our community from all walks of life. Whether we represent businesses, churches, non-profits, or any other group, Love Fullerton is a collaborative effort that serves as a catalyst to spread kindness, meet the needs of our neighbors, and touch lives each and every day. Thank you for making a difference!"
Assemblywoman Young Kim, 65th District 

"Fullerton is a wonderful city because the people in Fullerton are full of compassion. Serving one another, beautifying the city, and otherwise rolling up their sleeves to get the job done is what Fullerton is known for, and that is why I am proud to say I ‘Love Fullerton!"
Senator Bob Huff


"As a member of our City Council, I love our community for many reasons; the biggest reason is that Fullerton has heart and Love Fullerton proves that. We are so blessed to have such a diverse cross section of organizations and businesses in town who consider service so important that they would tackle a community-wide serve day together.  I’m excited to be part of Love Fullerton and am eager to be part of the change that happens in a community when it comes together to love its neighbors!"
Jennifer Fitzgerald, Fullerton City Councilmember

"I am honored to participate in this event that will encourage many non-profits, beautify our schools and our spruce up our city parks as well as engage hundreds of volunteers.  Your support allows us to make a huge difference and to associate your name with a great cause!"
Fullerton PD Chief, Dan Hughes


"Fullerton School District is excited to participate in the upcoming Love Fullerton project on May 17, 2014. We appreciate partnering not only with our District staff and parent community but also with City government officials, the Police and Fire Departments, local businesses, churches, service organizations, and residents to enhance our school sites."
Dr. Bob Pletka; Superintendent, Fullerton School District

"We are honored to be a part of the Love Fullerton community serve day.  It is through the generosity of this project that our campus will continue to be the beautiful landmark that it has been for over 100 years.  We look forward to continuing to serve and be a resource to the community as so many have been a resource to us. We Love Fullerton!"
Rani Goyal, Principal, Fullerton Union High School 


"Love Fullerton is a great way to see what God is doing in our city. We can connect with God in church, through prayer and study, but we often forget God is at work and He invites us to join Him. I can’t wait to go to work with my God, my family, my church, my city, and my neighbors and in the process have deeper relationships with all of them."
Jason Phillips; Pastor Sojourners Church 

"The Well is a church body who believes that Deep Church can really happen. LOVE FULLERTON enables us to make deeper connections in this community and we love partnering with other church bodies and organizations to make a greater impact. We’re better together than we are by ourselves!"
Jeff Davis; Pastor of The Well 

"I am excited by the opportunity to love and serve our city! I hope you will join us as we love Fullerton together."
Mike Erre, Lead Pastor Ev Free Fullerton 

"What a fantastic opportunity for the faith communities in Fullerton to come together and love our city through the gift of service! The gifts of time, talent and resources is an encouragement by all, for all. Tremendous blessings abound!"
Tom Goellrich Sr. Pastor, St. Paul Lutheran Church

"Love Fullerton captures the heart of Jesus on so many levels.  Churches coming together under the one banner of His name, in a posture of humility and servanthood, seeking to love our neighbors in both strategic and sacrificial ways.  Love Fullerton is a beacon event for what the Church in Fullerton can become, together."
Jay Kim, Pastor Eden Presbyterian 

Non-profit Organizations

"I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your entire team for an awesome Saturday morning last week. Although we have done several Love Fullerton SERVE days together this one is my favorite so far. The involvement of our clients and your team was incredible! From the delicious food, to the wild games, and all of the fun dancing we did. The Crittenton girls truly enjoyed it all. We are forever grateful for you continuous service to our organization and appreciate working with you in any future events."
Alex Genah, Resource and Activities Coordinator, Crittenton Services for Children and Families 

"The Fullerton Collaborative has been working for many years to support a healthy community for all of Fullerton’s Residents. We look forward to this additional opportunity to connect Fullertonians to one another in a meaningful way, 365 days a year!"
Pam Keller, Executive Director, Fullerton Collaborative 

"Love Fullerton is a demonstration of the community coming together to help improve the quality of life in Fullerton.  It supports the mission and tradition of St, Jude Medical Center which is why we are a partner in this exciting initiative."
Barry Ross, Vice President, Healthy Communities, St. Jude Medical Center 

"Love Fullerton is a blessing to our organization and the homeless adults and children that we serve. The dedication and support they give to the community is a true gift from God, in which we couldn’t be more grateful for."
Ariel Yarrish  Future in Humanity & Pathways of Hope


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