Project Leader Expectations                                                                                           

Project leaders application due: FEBURARY 19th, 2022


Please Sign or Initial Each Blank Space Accordingly



I, ________________________________________, the Project Leader, commit to:




_________ Attend a minimum of 2 Project Leader Meetings.


Date / Time: 2/27 or 3/2 and 4/11


Location: zoom meeting, code will be emailed beforehand



_________ Submit my project to the Love Fullerton team to the link shown ( and edit details accordingly, for effective communication to prospective volunteers by March 1st, 2022.



Project example included below:


Name of Project:“Curb Appeal: Painting at Sunny Hills High School”

Project Leader: First & Last Name

Cell Phone Number: (123) 456-7890

Email Address:

Compelling and detailed description: Join a group of motivated volunteers who want to serve the students at Sunny Hills High School with freshly painted curbs surrounding the perimeter of their ENTIRE campus! We will provide paint rollers, gloves, and other equipment. We just need YOU!

Time Commitment: 8am – 12:30pm, and FREE lunch 12:30-2pm

Family Friendly or Child Friendly Project? Yes or No

Junior High Friendly or High School Student friendly? Yes or No

Max number of Volunteers: 30


_________ Organize and monitor ALL of my project’s details so that it will be a success for all parties involved. Monitor / edit my project via After you have created a profile, click returning volunteers and sign in, then click on my profile. On the left hand side you will find my projects. From there you will be able to communicate with your volunteers. If you need to edit your volunteer number or the project details, email your project manager or Jay.


_________ Identify project’s tasks, tools, and materials needed. Submit to materials coordinator by Friday April 8th (2 weeks before event). Includes picking up of tools from shed at Storage Unit (101 S Basque Ave, Fullerton) on Monday April 18th (5 days before event). Get us your Paint needs by  Saturday April 2nd.


_________ Call / email each of my project’s volunteers by (1) thanking them for signing up (2) giving them necessary instructions, reminders, misc.; WITHIN 24 HOURS of their sign up each week through the final month leading up to the event (You must also communicate with volunteers who wait until the last minute to sign up).





_________ Champion my project (Word of mouth, social media, email, posters, yard signs etc.) and mobilize volunteers to sign up at ( I will encourage my friends and family to join me!


_________ Make sure I CLEARLY inform EACH volunteer that our ENTIRE TEAM, INCLUDING MYSELF, will be gathering at the rally (LoveFullerton/virtual-rally) near a sign CLEARLY LABELED with our project’s title. DO NOT MEET at the service project’s location until after the rally. RALLY begins at 8:00 am and end at 8:40 am. Projects start promptly at 9:00 am.





_________ Be at the morning rally by 8am (please DO NOT be late) for the project leader meeting before festivities begin, checking in at the stage platform with the other project leaders to obtain last minute info, standing on near banner/sign for my project, and meeting with my volunteers.


_________ To prepare and share a short orientation with my volunteers at 9:00am at the project site about (1) what your team will be doing, (2) vision for your project, and (3) asking if it would be ok to stay in touch with them (since you will have their contact information). Hopefully many will continue to volunteer and journey in life with you long-term!




_________ Thank my volunteers after the project is completed including:

(1) Thank you for your time and

(2) How great it was getting to know them.


_________ Submit a summary to the Love Fullerton team including a brief recap of the day, your experience (good, bad, etc), and a couple of photos.


_________ If open to committing to potentially leading projects like this throughout the year at the same location, I will connect with OC United staff informing of my decision.